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Philips Interface RS485 PPCCOM Pro VI 21/1 VI21/1 KH9548 V.A

Sie bieten hier auf eine gebrauchte Philips Karte mit Funktionsgarantie! 

Philips SPS

Eprom VI21/1 1.0 6898.1


4322 028 7040

Vers. A



VI 21/1




Hersteller: Philips

Typ: VI 21/1

Order Code:

Seriennummer: 0001

Lagerort: 01-05-50

Gewicht: 2kg

Garantie:  (Warranty) 1 Monate

Zustand:  (Condition) USED (Gebraucht)

Lieferzeit ( Delivery time) Sofort ( ex Stock)




Dispatch or Self Pickup at our Company. We supply world-wide, for other countries ask us for shipping price, we accept Paypal, banc transfer. Assuming that you are appropriately competent to handle such components, we cannot be held responsible for any subsequent damage which was caused during the assembly.


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